What’s This All About, Anyway?

In case you haven’t noticed, you live someplace remarkable.

It’s got jungles, tundra, deserts and a whole lot of water. It’s got colors like you wouldn’t believe, and smells and sounds to thrill even the most jaded heart. There are plants that live for thousands of years and insects who must pack a lifetime into a single day. And then there are people; the incredible, unpredictable, maddening people who have brought both order and chaos to this world. They exploit inconceivably complex systems without understanding the implications of their actions, yet also imbue the everyday struggles of existence with a dignity and poetry that suggests a glimpse of the divine.

There’s not enough time in one human life to see it all, and that’s okay. It’s part of the thrill of living that there’s always more to life than we can ever fully experience. But we believe that the more of this planet you can explore for yourself, the more robust your brief but glorious existence will become.

That’s why we’re setting a new course for our lives with a focus on adventure and exploration, and we want to share it with anyone who could benefit from a little inspiration to do the same. Our mission is simple: to create unlimited opportunities for experiencing all this world has to offer, and letting those experiences transform us into the people we are capable of becoming. We believe you can’t force inspiration, you can’t force change, but you can create opportunities in your life for the world to change and inspire you.


Who Are We?

We are Troy and Lizzy, two dreamers from South Carolina who moved to Maine in 2013 just a month after getting married. At the time, we felt it was the craziest thing we’d ever done. Leaving behind family and friends in the beautiful city of Charleston, we packed up our small apartment and two cats and moved to Portland, Maine.

We’ve had a few moments in the five years since when we questioned our sanity, but we’ve never regretted the decision. Maine feeds our souls with its rocky coast, gorgeous lakes and alluring mountains. You know when you’re at the dentist and they tell you to go to your happy place in your mind? Ours is and probably always will be Maine.

We could almost certainly live here for the rest of our lives and be happy, but the same sense of adventure that brought us here in the first place keeps tugging at our hearts. There’s way more out there to see and do and precious little time to fit it all in.

The idea to prioritize adventure in our lives was born, of all things, on a trip of exploration. Driving to Bangor to spend a day and night someplace new, we talked about our desire to see more of America. It went something like this: When can we stop dreaming and start doing the things we truly love to do? Why not start now? No seriously — what are we waiting for?

We’re fortunate to be in a state of flux with our careers and school, so it was not too difficult to conceptualize a new way of life for ourselves, one that prioritizes experiences over things and adventure over stability. We wouldn’t just be planning a trip but an ongoing adventure, a life we could live without regrets. We knew right away that such a life was worth sharing with others, and we decided to make that act of sharing central to our mission.

Through this blog, social media and video, we aim to make honest, inspiring and entertaining content for people who believe, like us, that life is better with a little adventure thrown into the mix. We believe that one of the most precious gifts humans possess is the ability to tell stories, and we hope to share stories that inspire you as much as we’re inspired by the stories of other courageous women and men who choose to live life without regrets.


Where Do We Start?

There’s no end game to this project; we want to keep adventuring until we’ve explored at least as far as the edge of the solar system! But every adventure has to start somewhere, and ours will begin with a coast-to-coast drive from Maine to California in June 2018. We’ll be outfitting our trusty 2005 Honda CR-V with a sleeping platform to minimize our travel expenses and footprint, as well as cooking most of our own food and enjoying the relatively cheap thrills of outdoor life. We’ll be documenting our preparations here on the blog as well as on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

When traveling in the past, we’ve learned how hard it can be to stay healthy on the go. That’s why it’s important to us to strive for balance as our world constantly changes. We are committed to eating a healthy, plant-based diet and making time for self-care, something too easily neglected in the whirlwind of life. We’ve chosen to make yoga a central part of our daily routine, a journey we will share (bumps and bruises included).

We’re not travel experts by any means, but we’ll share with you everything we learn along the way and we’d love to hear from you as well. Please leave a comment or reach out to us through social media if you’d like to say hello! In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated as we prepare ourselves for the adventure of a lifetime.