Meet Zorro: The Adventure Dog

Let’s face it, whether you have a dog of your own or not, at one time or another you’ve probably had your heart melted by these lovable fur-babies we’re lucky enough to share the planet with. They capture our attention and our hearts and make life better just by being themselves. For Troy and me, that little dog is named Zorro.

Zorro is our 5 year old rescue dog from Louisiana and, to the best of our knowledge, Zorro is a mix between a Chihuahua and Papillon. He weighs only 7.5lbs and stands about 12” tall — he may be little but he brings a whole lot of love to our family!

Dog on mountain
Dog gets free ride to top of Cadillac Mountain, looks immensely pleased with his accomplishment.

Louisiana to Maine

Zorro was born in southern Louisiana sometime in 2013 and most likely lived his first year or so alone on the streets (Breaks my heart to think of that!). He was found in 2015 and fostered by a kind-hearted woman named Julie. Julie worked hand in hand with a Maine-based company called Puppy Love Maine. She was calling the dog “Remy” when Troy found Zorro’s profile on the Puppy Love Maine website.

A note about Puppy Love Maine: this website is a non-profit adoption organization based out of Brunswick, Maine. In order to adopt Zorro, we worked with a friendly woman named Laurie who was incredibly helpful in bringing him from Louisiana to Maine. If you are interested in adopting a new family member, we would highly recommend working with Puppy Love Maine!

In the fall of 2015, Troy and I began searching online for a medium-sized dog like a Boston Terrier or similarly sized dog to adopt.  While on Puppy Love Maine’s website, Remy’s picture grabbed Troy’s attention. Almost immediately, Troy knew this petite guy was the dog for us.

It is important to mention the website was clear in telling us this dog was heartworm-positive. Although we knew this would be an added cost and effort to adopting him, we decided to proceed with the process. Heartworms are a very serious and life threatening problem especially in the deep south. Stay tuned for a later post about Zorro’s heartworm treatment and success.

Swipe Right?

When I first saw this picture I thought, “That little gremlin-looking dog? He’s so funny looking and we aren’t in the market for a Chihuahua!” Boy was I wrong! After a few days of convincing from Troy and researching the Chihuahua breed, I was ready to apply with Puppy Love Maine. Luckily within a few weeks of sending in our application, Troy and I received the best news from Laurie– we had been selected to adopt Remy. The drive from Louisiana to Maine is a long one and we were told that our pup sat and slept in the back seat of the van quietly the entire way.

Meeting Zorro

It was a cool November afternoon the day we went to pick up our pup from Laurie’s home in Brunswick, Maine. Troy and I were full of excitement as we drove and of course we had packed his gear: a small kennel with blanket, a leash and a tiny collar.

Upon arrival, Laurie placed a tiny (6lb at the time) blonde creature in my arms and said, “Here’s your new baby!” And you know what, she was right! I was smitten with the little guy. After letting him meet Troy, we were able to take him for a walk around the spacious front yard. While getting to know him, Troy and I decided all the names we had been kicking around for replacing “Remy” did not seem to fit. (Some of those names were Little Jerry, Mr. Pickles, and Pootsie!)

We thought he looked a lot like a white fox running about Laurie’s yard. Since we were both studying Spanish in the fall of 2015, we googled the word for “fox” in Spanish and discovered that it’s “zorro.” Troy and I thought this suited our new family member perfectly.

Vida de Zorro (Zorro’s Life)

This fall will make 3 years since we brought Zorro home. Nowadays he spends a solid 75% of his day napping. The rest of his time is divided between sitting in my lap, running on the beach, and chewing on his favorite Himalayan Yak chews. He is truly a momma’s boy and pretty much becomes my shadow when I am at home. Let’s face it, I prefer it that way too!

Zorro is kind of undecided when it comes to adventuring. On one hand, he really enjoys car rides and discovering new parks, campgrounds, and hikes. On the other, he gets overwhelmed easily and likes to retreat to the safety of a blanket when things get to be too much. And you know what? We think that’s okay. Troy and I like to bring him with us whenever we can because it’s good for his confidence to meet new people and dogs, and we have truly loved seeing positive changes in Zorro since his adoption a few years ago. But we respect his needs and he reminds us to find quiet time and not let our adventures get too crazy!

Zorro is a joy to be around. He is sweet and cuddly and has been known to have peppy bursts of energy and run around like a Tasmanian devil! Troy and I are excited to bring him along on The Adventure CRU’s debut road trip across America. We hope all of you will love getting to know Zorro as we share our adventures together!

Breaking hearts since 2013.


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